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About For Jamaica Inc.

  • Delivering a piece of dignity...

    The mission of For Jamaica is to provide new bedding -- new bed frames, bunks, cribs and mattresses -- for residents in orphanages and places of safety throughout Jamaica.

    A Good Night's Rest...

    The importance of proper bedding in many of these facilities is often neglected. This is not because people aren't committed to improving the lives of those in need, but with the focus on other necessities, this basic, highly important part of daily life -- a good night's rest -- is oftentimes not even considered. This is where we fill the gap. We take that core idea and, with your generosity, extend it to those who not only need a roof over their heads and food in their bellies, but who deserve a good night's sleep on beds and bedding that are new, clean, well-made and made specially for them. In doing so, we aim to bring them a sense of dignity and foster the mindset that they deserve it.

    "We all have a cycle in life. In that passage, if you are fortunate enough to be successful ... having the wherewithal to acquire the things for a comfortable life, I think you should look within and see how you can help those who are less fortunate." - Raymond Azan
  • A child shall lead them...

    For Jamaica began in 2006 when 14-year-old Alexander Azan challenged his parents, Raymond and Stephanie, to "do something" about the deplorable bedding conditions at Granville Place of Safety for Girls. They, along with the younger son, Adam, were on their first Medical/Vocational Bible Study (VBS) Mission to Falmouth, Jamaica. They decided to step in and help to get much needed bedding to the girls.

    To raise funds, the family hosted a tea party with 50 of their closest friends. They conceptualized how they would acquire the mattresses and the logistics of getting them delivered to the facility. A year later, they brought the first 60 mattresses to Granville Place of Safety for Girls -- their starter home. The response was overwhelming.

    What began as filling a basic need for one shelter evolved into the organization, For Jamaica, that is guided by the mission to visit each shelter and orphanage in Jamaica and deliver new beds and mattresses to those in need.

    To date, For Jamaica has made and delivered bedding to over 19 orphanages and places of safety and remains committed to serving the more than 60 such facilities nationwide.

    "At the end of the day, in the depths of my soul, we do this mission because it's God's work and me and my family need to just listen, follow and do!" - Stephanie Azan
  • It takes a village...

    For Jamaica follows a list of all the orphanages and shelters in Jamaica provided by the island's Child Development Agency (CDA). We personally visit all the facilities we serve -- starting from the west end of the island to the east, concentrating on the most rural ones first.

    Keeping it local...

    All the beds and bedding For Jamaica provides are custom made in Jamaica. This way, we do not only support the orphanages and shelters, we support local businesses and by extension the local economy.

    We contracted BOSS Furniture to build the mattresses, which are made of high density foam and hospital ticking for durability and comfort, and to ensure that they can be easily sanitized. Stuart Joinery was tapped to build wooden bed frames, cribs and bunks strong enough to withstand wear. RALAICA Trading provides the sheeting and SNH Worldwide Trading and Super Plus Trucking donate their trucks and drivers to transport the beds.

    We coordinate the missions along with about 13 drivers and craftsmen who have taken this on as their personal mission. Members of the community get involved and the residents of these homes are happy to help with assembling the beds and setting up their new bedding.

    Your contribution will not just help to purchase beds, it will put a smile on the faces of many, who for the first time have something new to call their own.