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2017 Delivery to Sunbeam Children's Home & Strathmore Gardens Place of Safety

 For Jamaica 2017 volunteer team

Plantation, Florida. January 29, 2017

Yesterday was a day witnessing God's plan in the heroes of Sunbeam Children's Home and Strathmore Gardens Place of Safety, we feel humbled that last night, we (For Jamaica & our support team) were able to provide your residents with a good nights rest in new, clean beds and mattresses all of their own.

To our team of volunteers, we thank you for your steadfast commitment, despite back injuries, working all day on your day off, we appreciate your genuine and heartfelt support. You are our mission team and we thank you: Paul & Dennis (for your tireless work in creating and assembling the beds), Leroy ( the ULTIMATE tractor driver )& Gio for timely pickup and delivery of the bunk beds, Beris & Dixon for the on time delivery of mattresses but more so for your kindness and support of the children we meet.

Thank you to the following Jamaican companies for their continued support: Stuart's Joinery & Door Manufacturing - quality craftsmanship for bunk beds, Boss Furniture - Mattresses & Pillows, Ralaica Trading Company - Bed Sheeting, Super Plus Trucking - transport of bunk beds and SNH Worldwide Trading - transport of mattresses and pillows. This is the first year we included security. We thank the kind donation from Hawkeye Security for the services of Mr. Nash & Mr. Hepburn.

Lastly, a big thank you to our volunteers this year (direct from the airport to Sunbeam) : Dr. Phillip Josephs, Gio Andrade and our local volunteers Candace Thorbourne and Kamal Josephs.

Please support our shared mission, March 25th, 2017 11th Annual Fundraiser or simply click here to donate...